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Just imagine what our full personal or professional breakthrough packages could do for you! What if you could let go of the past! Take more action towards the life you want & focus on a more positive, happier and successful future.

You can learn more about the power of NLP, Time Line Therapy(R), Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching by reading our lead trainers very own book ‘A Life Now Worth Living’ which tells the inspirational, thought provoking and sometimes emotional story of Ashley Gordon's personal journey from being an injured military veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to a Master Coach helping other people to improve their lives. Co-written with Brian Tregunna, A Life Now Worth Living shares a deep and personal insight into Ash's experiences in the army and the problems he faced after returning from two tours of Iraq whilst still a teenager. It charts his moving journey both within the army and after returning to civilian life, and provides a number of 'Tools to improve your life' that you can use to: let go, take action, move on. Check out: A Life Now Worth Living for more details Click Here

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After leaving the army at a young age, while suffering from undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I found myself lost: Hurt, Angry, Sad, Scared & feeling a strong sense of Guilt. I struggled on for many years, searching for something that could assist me in rebuilding my life; I tried all sorts of therapeutic techniques. Nothing seemed to work for very long, if at all until......

I came across NLP & Time Line Therapy, which taught me to be able to: Let go of the past! Take action in the present! & To focus on what I want in life.

After a long and challenging, yet rewarding journey; I am now able to guide and train others through these greatly powerful Coaching & Therapeutic tools for change.

Here at Personal Breakthrough Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing you with as much solution focussed support and guidance as you require.

Not only during your breakthrough sessions or trainings, but also for as long as you would like to keep in contact with us afterwards.

However, we are big on empowerment! So we will always take a coaching approach when talking to you with regards to your post Breakthrough maintenance or in the early days of your career, setting you up for a successful coaching and therapy business. (One days training, a lifetime of support)

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